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How To Wear Blouses

How To Wear Blouses

Keep yourself on trend when it comes to blouses through this style video.

Hi, I'm Claire Wacey and I'm a personal stylist, and today I'm going to give you some great style tips. For anything you don't find in these videos, go to my website and check out all the tips I have there. Hi! Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to wear blouses.

Blouses are key trend for this autumn/winter which is 2010. Really key piece for a blouse is to have a pussy bow which is this really nice detailing around the neck. It's very very 70's and it's really key for this season.

So, try when you're getting pussy bows to go for print or colour. This one's a really fantastic print and a really great colour for this autumn/winter. This works well with camel tones, also with black and blues.

When you're thinking about how to accessorize or finish your outfit with a pussy bow, think about what you can team it with. So for example, you've got a classic white pussy bow blouse, it looks fantastic with a 70's style wide leg trouser but equally goes fantastically with the really bang-on trends, cigarette pant. This is a really great look for office but you can really turn it into something much more relaxed and weekend wear by adding, for example, a leather jacket with the look.

So instead of going for something that's really structured like a blazer, go for a soft and relaxed leather jacket just to bring it much more into a weekend look. Another that you can do with a blouse is perhaps a little bit more corporate but you can also do it at home, it's just to pop a really nice waist coat over the top so you've got the blues on sleeve coming out there and then you've got the pussy bow detailing happening over the top and this will really cinch you in at the waist so it's defining your figure. Really loos fantastic, it's a really great smart look but it also is bang on trend with the blouse shape as well.

If a pussy bow blouse is a little bit too prissy for you, then go for something that's a little bit more relaxed. Now, this one for example, it's really fantastic, it's got a cowl neck front and it's sleeveless. So what it means is that you can really layer this over like a long sleeved t-shirt or you can put things over the top of it in just the same way as you can with your pussy bow but it's just a slightly more relaxed version of a blouse.

Another option is to go for, it doesn't fasten at the front, but a silk blouse or a print or a colour, it's really fantastic to go with the pencil skirt for work. If you tuck that in, it's really great or add a belt to cinch in your waist but equally works fantastically under a slightly more interesting jacket. So really mix in your tones with the print and the really beige colour of this jacket, it really brings out the print and the texture and also the luxury element of the blouse.

When you're thinking about wearing your blouse, don't be scared of going for prints, colours, detailing like the pussy bow or the sleeves or the cowl neck, but make sure that you choose one or the other. You don't kind of go for a pussy bow with the blues on sleeve and then get a cowl neck over the top. Make sure that you pick really simplistic elements to match your pussy bow or cowl neck detailing with, so for example, if you're going for more simplistic blouse like this one which has got a small amount of detailing, go for maybe a knitwear that's got some detailing at the front.

If you're going for, for example, this really really exciting colour, I'd go for something simple like a shift dress layered over the top to bring out the colour and the detail on the sleeve but you hide the rest of the action happening underneath so it kind of changes up how your blouse looks. And then equally, with these ones for the sleeveless, I really think take them into a more casual vibe by going for a cigarette pant or maybe a skinny jean and a t-shirt and then layering up your accessories. So as you can see, blouses can be really really versatile and you can wear them in lots of different wa