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How To Wear Bright Eye Shadow

How To Wear Bright Eye Shadow

If you’re looking to blend in with a crowd, then bright eye shadows are not for you. Bright colors are attention-grabbers and a flash of color can transform your dull peepers into a pair of flirtatious eyes!

Step 1: The Colors

Extreme colors belong on the runway.

To comfortably add a flash of dazzle, pick green, violet or blue.

Wear only one color at a time to keep the look modern and fresh.

Step 2: The Wash

For a soft sweep of color, use a large shadow brush and apply color from lashline to crease. Create a gradation by blending upwards from lashline. Finish all looks with a coat of mascara.

Step 3: The Line

Using a dampened liner brush, tap into your eye shadow. Place liner close to the lashline and blend well.

Step 4: The Pretty

After applying a smudged liner, brush on a subtle eye shadow, like an olive green, to the tops of your lids.

Step 5: The Trendsetter

Instead of the standard style, go for a dramatic flash of color on the inner eyes. Keep the rest of your face simple and don’t forget mascara.