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How To Wear Clothes For Big Busted Women

How To Wear Clothes For Big Busted Women

It is difficult for a big busted woman to choose a dress which would make her look beautiful and perfect. She has to choose a dress which would make her bust look smaller. In this video, Zoe Lem, the stylist shares some tips on what sort of dress should be chosen by a big busted woman so that it makes her look great.

Hi. I am Zoe Lem, stylist and owner of My Sugarland. Today, I am going to be giving some insider's tips on how to do fashion.

I am now going to show you how to wear clothes for bigger busted women. So, the important thing is if you have a bigger bust, it is about sending attention somewhere else, so rather going in for detail on the bust, it is putting it somewhere else. Round the neck line on the shoulders, you want to keep the waist nipped in.

Underneath the bust is most women's smallest bit so if you nip in underneath the bust keeping the neck line open a v-neck or a scooped neck is the most flattering neck lines. If you go for a high neck kind of slash neck line or polo neck, it can be quite unflattering. So, neck line lower balance on the shoulders and if you are going for the balance on the shoulders and that will create a perfect shape.

So, for each of the body types, it is important to create the balance, balance on shape and then on color. To make the bust look smaller, you want to cut through the bust, so draw a line through the bust so anything that cuts through here is going to make it look smaller. That's why a wrap dress is great because it can cut through the bust.

You can wear a vest underneath so you have got drawing a line through and then if you wrap over the bust line, it's going to make the bust look smaller. So, the more lines you draw through something, the smaller it makes it look. Anything wrappy and if it gathers here, empire line is flattering, keep the neckline lower, keep it nipped underneath the bust and keep the balance on the shoulders and through the hips.

That's how to dress a bigger busted woman. .