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How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner

How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner

Make-up artist to the celebrities, Jo Adams shows you how to create a dramatic party look with coloured eyeliner. Follow VideoJug's quick guide to learn the perfect way to wear coloured eyeliner.

Choosing the colour: Black eyeliner works with pale, blue eyes, deep purple eyeliner works with dark brown eyes, and green eyeliner works with hazel eyes.

Apply a wash of coloured eye shadow over the eyelids using a soft brush. Use a smaller brush to add a little eye shadow underneath the eye.

Use highlighter powder on the inner corners of each eye.

If you're not brave enough to apply liquid eyeliner, start off with pencil eyeliner. By pressing a damp, flat eyeliner brush into your eye shadow, you can create eyeliner by dabbing it onto the eye in a straight line.

If you want to apply liquid liner, use small, fine strokes working outwards. Apply liner to the inner corners of each eye when there's hardly any liner left on the brush.

Apply black mascara, using a zig-zag movement to coat the lashes. Blink firmly over the brush.

Use contrasting eyeliner on immer rims to finish.