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How To Wear Knee High Boots

How To Wear Knee High Boots

This is your guide to wearing knee high boots according to your body shape and with the right accessories.

Hi. I'm Zoe Lem, stylist and owner of My Sugarland, and today I'm going to give you some insider's tips on how to do fashion. I'm now going to tell you how to wear a pair of knee high boots.

So, you need to pick the right boots to begin with. They can be difficult to wear and depending on how tall or how short, how petite or how fuller figured you are, really varies on which kind of shoes you go for. A lot of knee high boots are not flattering.

They're quite big through the calf so that the wider, so they add width here. You really want to make sure that you go for something that's slim through the leg or if it's wider, it's shorter so you still see the leg on top. So, getting the right one, then going for the right heel and going for the right colour.

If you're more petite, doing all in one colour is very lengthening. So, if you go for a black boots and you're wearing all in black, it can make you look taller and likewise with brown. If you go for a brown boots and you're wearing no other brown, it's quite a hard line to draw through the leg and it is going to make you look shorter.

So, you've got the boot there and then you got black, it cuts through the leg. It's then drawing through the leg and cutting drawing lines all through the body. So, you need to be careful because if you do a long boot and you've got a short skirt and then you've got a top and then you got a jacket, it's a lot of lines through the body.

So, you really need to take that into consideration in working out what boot you go for and then how you wear it. So, if you go for this brown, you can even go for like brown tights, wear it with croc brown trousers, brown skirts or tones that are similar so you could go for the colour of warm tones if you're wanting to lengthen the leg. You need to also consider, this is a lot of fabric when you go for a long boot, so it really is a large part of the balance of your outfit so you really do need to bring that colour in somewhere else.

Even if you go for a brown boot like this and you just have a brown bag, you need to balance it. When people see you, they see you head to toe. They don't just see one element.

When you look down, you just see one thing but everyone else sees everything. So, the balance when you're having such a lot of fabric whether it's fabric or leather, it's really important that it works with the whole outfit. And also, if you're going to go for a heeled boots, you need to follow that style through into the outfit.

So, you don't want a heeled boot with a really casual outfit. You need to tie that in, whether it's bringing the bag that works or some other accessories. So, accessories right, right colour and the right size and shape of your body, and then you can work a knee high boots. .