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How To Wear Knee High Socks

How To Wear Knee High Socks

In this short film, Claire Wacey teaches you how to correctly wear knee-high socks this Autumn-Winter period, including how to match them with your existing outfits and how to carry this statement off with an air of confidence.

Hi, I'm Claire Wacey, and I'm a personal stylist and I'm going to give you some style tips today. For any style tips that you need that you don't find on these videos, go to my website www.clairewacey.

com. Hi, today I'm going to talk to you about how to wear knee-high socks. Knee-high socks are really big for this autumn-winter.

Top shop have been using them on their campaigns, in fact, they're in every single high-street shop, in every colour under the sun. I'm going to show you how you can wear them, these are some great purple ones, these are from River Island, and they've got a really fantastic chunky knit. When you're wearing them, obviously it's really, really important if you've got a pattern on it to make sure the pattern is on the right place on your leg.

These ones have got the pattern down the side and just a classic knit down the centre. So when you're putting them onto your leg, make sure the pattern is straight, because if it's got a bit of a curve on it, it's going to make your calf look bigger than it actually is. And then when you've got it on, you just want to create a fold with the excess, which then you just fold over.

If you've got slightly shorter calves feel free to fold it double-time, like kind of the amount of times you do it double, but make sure this ribbed edge is the bit that's the fold over. So if you have to turn it down internally and then pull this over the top, that's absolutely fine. Also I'd say, when you're thinking about what knee-high socks to pick, think about the outfits you have in your wardrobe.

Really key for this season are tweeds, and leathers and I think it's really important to pick a colour that's going to enhance your outfit. So if you've got tweeds that have got really nice purple or plum colours in, go for a purple or a plum coloured sock, don't just go for a plain old black or grey, because if you're going to wear a knee-high sock, you're already making a statement so make sure you just take it all the way through. I'd also say, when you're thinking about what shoes to wear with your knee high socks, I mean, some people wear just a knee high boot with a little bit of the top showing, but feel free like to wear something a little bit more daring so maybe go for a shorter ankle boot so that you've got more of your sock showing, or even a brogue is a fantastic look for this autumn-winter.

But most importantly when you're wearing a knee-high sock, you've got to carry it off with confidence, because a knee-high sock is a statement, so make sure that you make the statement and you feel confident wearing it. I hope that's been helpful. Thank you. .