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How To Wear Leg Warmers

How To Wear Leg Warmers

Leg warmers surely help to keep you warm. But this clip will show you how it should be worn in these modern times so as not to make you look like you're stuck in the 80's.

Hi. I'm Clare Watson, owner of personal styling business, Miss-dress. Today, I'm going to be showing you plenty of tips and tricks on style and lots of fashion advice that you can use for both work and play.

Leg warmers are a really great way of keeping legs warm during the winter. There's no doubt about it but if you want to avoid looking like an 80's throwback reminiscing of the Jane Fonda look, then there are a few key kind of new modern fashion rules for being able to wear them and wear them with style. First and foremost, it's the colour.

Forget neon, forget bright fluorescent day-glow colours, we are back to black. Black, charcoal gray, navy, something that is very muted is going to be the best solution and scenario. Not only is it far more flattering and sophisticated, it's also great for kind of minimizing calves as well.

When you look back at the 80's, so many women wore those day-glow leg warmers and it mage their legs appear quite large. So, modern time, we're in the naughties, we're back to black as I said before. And think about the texture as well.

There are plenty of these waffle designs around as well at the moment. Waffle and argyle and cable knits, they're far more elegant than flattering. So, once you've got your pair of designated leg warmers, I'm going to show you how best to wear them.

Firstly, we don't wear them with plimpsoles or trainers, again, 80's fashion is now past on so work back around to another trend and another way of wearing them. Make sure your boots are ankle boots because a knee-length boot will actually just kind of make the leg warmer appear quite bulky which wouldn't be that flattering on the leg. So, stick your boot on and then just gently arrange your leg warmer over your boot.

If you look around in the shops at the moment, there are plenty of boot designs where you have this sort of sock and boot and this is essentially the same way of doing and creating that same look but at a fraction of a price because a lot of those boots retail at around 200 - 300 pounds. So, you can just take an old pair of ankle boots and revamp them with the leg warmer and I'm just going to do the same on this leg so that you can see the finished effect. It has become so popular, this kind of look, this winter because for the past couple of winters, we've had some very cold snaps and if like me, you're a fan of wearing skirts and dresses, then getting from A to B in the morning is pretty cold on the calves.

And so, there you go. I've got them on and you see, the difference it makes is far more fashionable and current with the modern times. But also, by wearing them with the black tights and dress or skirt, it just creates a much more elegant sophisticated look that takes you from A to B and of course, when you get to the area, you can either leave them on or you can take them off if you're perhaps going to the office or going out for drinks in a bar.

Don't forget, you can do this concept over skinny jeans or leggings. Both work really well. If you've got jeans, it's perhaps better to make it more of a statement and go for a gray colour as opposed to black because don't forget that jeans are that little bit more bulky than tights or leggings and so, therefore, you need to really kind of emphasize the fact that you have got on a pair of leggings and your calves haven't suddenly grown in width overnight.

So, there you go. There are just a few tips on how to wear leg warmers. .