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How To Wear Plus Size Jackets

How To Wear Plus Size Jackets

Fashion is an important part of our daily lives especially if you are a woman. If you are a bigger woman, you should know how to wear a proper plus size jacket. Jackets look best when they are matched to the shape of your body. Some have pear shapes, and some have apple shapes. Balance is the key to selecting the correct plus size jacket to wear.

How to wear plus size jackets. When choosing a jacket, always ensure that you have gone for something that is well-tailored. It is a common misconception that a jacket that is too big will make you look slimmer.

Your jacket should always fit perfectly on the shoulder because that is a sign that if fits you properly. If you look at the back detailing on this jacket, the seaming is what brings Katie in and gives her that waist, otherwise it can look quite boxy and quite manly. If we look at the front of the jacket, the deep V-neck is incredibly flattering.

The deeper the V, the more you have elongated yourself. This jacket crosses over with one button. One button, two buttons, it does not make that much difference.

But the biggest disaster for a jacket on an apple shape is an edge to edge jacket, and should be avoided at all costs. Pockets across on an apple or pear are also fine, so you can be adventurous, you can find great jackets on the High Street and you don't have to worry. The more detailing, the more that there are other things to look at, other than things you are conscious about.

Look for a good length jacket for your height. The shorter you are, the slightly shorter you need to think about having your jacket. As if your jacket comes too long, you have taken away from your legs and therefore, you will look shorter.

When choosing a jacket, it is different for different shapes. I will show you another example. A slightly shorter jacket will work perfectly with a pencil skirt which will bring back your curves and show off your figure.

This jacket is not as great as the last one. It is slightly high in neck which makes it a lot denser around her chest. And it is also shorter which does not look as good as the trousers.

This jacket is great though for slightly shorter apple shapes. Just remember to bring lots of light back to your face. Maybe put some pearls in the neckline or a lighter top underneath.

And that is how to wear plus size jackets. .