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How To Wear Pocket Watches

How To Wear Pocket Watches

Wear your pocket watch with pride. With old-fashioned styles making such a comeback, stand out from the crowd with your pocket watch worn correctly as shown in this video.

I'm going to show you how to wear pocket watches. For this, we will need one pocket watch, or fob watch, and we will need a waistcoat with two pockets. The fob watch will go into whichever side is more comfortable for you, so in my case, the right hand pocket.

The chain here feeds through one of my waistcoat button holes, but you can have an additional hole made for your pocket watch chain. At the end of my chain, I have a T-bar. On modern pocket watches, you may have a belt loop clip which would fasten here.

With the T-bar, the opposite end will tuck into my pocket. Originally, the T-bar would have sat at the waistcoat button hole with the chain feeding through the loop in the back of the T-bar, and at the opposite end of the chain would have been a key which was used to wind the pocket watch. Obviously, this goes back to a time when we didn't have wrist watches but we would all have used pocket watches.

Once the key was replaced by the crown of the watch to wind it, the key was then replaced by whether a charm or a family emblem and then once that was taken away, the T-bar was then found on the end of the pocket watch chain. A very appropriate time to wear a pocket watch is at a wedding. The groom, who will be traditionally wearing a three-piece suit so they have a waistcoat and will most likely have the pockets, they often will be handed a family heirloom, pocket watch handed down to them from their Grandfather to their Father, which they can wear with pride on their wedding day.

And that is how to wear pocket watches. .