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How To Wear Satin Tops For Women

How To Wear Satin Tops For Women

Karen Grace -personal shopper and stylist- brings us tips on how to wear satin tops during the daytime and how to combine them with regular clothes so they are no longer an evening wear.

Now, I am going to show you how to wear satin tops. Satin tops are also dressier and they are usually for the evening, but I am going to show you how to wear them during the daytime. If you were for the skinny frame, you can wear the satin top with a pair of skinny jeans.

Add a statement necklace and/or you could add a scarf, if you wanted to wear a scarf instead. Then go with the bike-style jacket, which is on trend this season, and a nice pair of ankle boots. And that is how to wear a satin top with the skinny frame.

Those of you who want a more simple, natural look, go for the corduroys. Keep your scarf and wear with your chunky necklace. That just brings a little bit of glamour to the winter.

Now, for a funky style team with a pair of jeans that can be skinny, boot-cuts for your body shape. Now, you can go for the long necklace -the charm necklace. This is good if you have a smaller bust or if you're quite skinny because it draws attention downwards in the tummy area.

If you got a larger bust or a larger tummy, go for either a shorter pendant or go for a scarf at the top. Then add a bike-style jacket to the look and seen with a pair of killer heels or ankle boots; but the must-have, heels. .