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How To Wear Tunic Tops

How To Wear Tunic Tops

Stylist Karen Grace shows how a tunic top fits the latest fashions on holiday or at home.

Now, we're going to talk about how to wear a tunic top. Tunic tops are really versatile pieces of clothing. They're quite good for your capture wardrobe.

On a holiday, it's a great cover up. You can just wear it by itself over your swimsuit. And in the evening you can wear it bare-legged, just with a pair of high heels, so it's great for a holiday piece.

When you're back home, you can wear it on its own with jeans, leggings, you could jazz it up - put your own belt, you change the style of the top. In the winter months, you can put a contrasting t-shirt underneath. I'm choosing purple which is only a tiny accent color in there.

You could choose the pink or a grey one or a cream one, but it just gives a different look, and also it adds a bit of warmth as well with the colder browns. You can wear it with polo necks as well so it is quite versatile. On the bottom, you can wear trousers, you can wear leggings, you can wear jeans, it's up to you, or you could put it with shorts.

These are very on trend at the moment, so put them with a pair of shorts, wear them with some chunky boots, and obviously some very thick tights. You can get patterned tights, that's quite in style at the moment as well, and that's how to wear a tunic top. .