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How To Whistle

How To Whistle

In this video, David Morris explains how to simply whistle.

Hello there. I'm David Morris. In 2003, I went over to America and I won the title “World Champion Whistler” and I'm here today to hopefully help you improve your whistling.

“How to whistle”. First of all I think it's very important to create the correct shape with the lips. Practice that for a quite a long time.

Forming a letter “O” shape with the lips, like that (whistling…). Form that shape first of all, practice in front of a mirror and feel comfortable with that “O” shape in the lips before you start to try and blow some wind through and hopefully get some sound. So practice the shape first of all, the “O” shape.

When you've practiced the correct position of the lips and the mouth, hear a note in your head and try and produce it by blowing wind through that preformed shape of the lips (whistling…), like that. Hopefully you will have produced a nice constant whistling note. For example, (whistling…) and then try to whistle a couple of notes higher and a couple of notes lower.

So let's do that note again, (whistling…) and as I get higher I can feel my tongue getting higher inside the mouth going up towards the roof of the mouth and when I go lower (whistling.) the tongue goes down, right to the bottom of the mouth.

So when you can whistle a few notes like that, perhaps a scale, you then should really be able to whistle some basic tunes. (Whistling…), like that. And that's how to whistle.