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How To Whistle Like A Bird

How To Whistle Like A Bird

David Morris, a world champion whistler, teaches us how to whistle like a bird.

Hello, there! I'm David Morris. In 2003, I went to Georgia, America and I won the title “World Champion Whistler.” I'm here today to hopefully help you improve your whistling.

How to whistle like a bird? Sometimes, it's nice to try and whistle like a bird. You might want to do this as a bit of a party feature, or even to have a little bit of conversation in the back garden with one or two of the birds. How do we do that? First of all, you need to know how to do the basics of whistling.

You can visit our fellow among “How to whistle” for that. So, we've got the basics of whistling, how do we do it then like a bird? For example, the small birds like the sparrows and the blue tits, and things like that. Very short staccato bursts of wind and very very high sounds.

Something like this. So, how do I get those very high sounds like that? I'm really making the apertures between the lips as small as possible, really. Like that.

So, once you've mastered that type of bird whistle, you might want to belong to something like the black bird, for example. With this one, this is a beautiful whistle the black bird creates. You need to use your tongue, for example.

So, to improve your bird whistling, really, you need to spend a lot of time in the garden listening to the different types of birds and then try to imitate them, basically. And that's how to whistle like a bird.