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How To Whistle Without Fingers

How To Whistle Without Fingers

In this video, David Morris talks about how to whistle without using your fingers.

Hello there. I'm David Morris. In 2003, I went over to America and I won the title “World Champion Whistler” and I'm here today to hopefully help you improve your whistling.

“How to whistle without fingers”. For those finger whistlers you might want to try the other technique, the technique that I normally use, that is called pucker whistling. Where you pucker the lips, you form an “O” shape with the lips and then blow through that “O” shape and hopefully get the vibration through the aperture which creates the note.

I think it's good to try both techniques and if you are a regular whistler using your fingers try the pucker technique, I think it really does make for a sweeter sound. Whereas, using the fingers is louder and probably a bit more aggressive, but to use the pucker technique like I do, it makes for a sweeter sound, I think. For example, (whistling…) something like that.

I think using the fingers limits the repertoire as well. For example, there's no way you could perform something like “Flight of the bumble bee for example” using your fingers, it's going to be on this way, (whistling…). Something like that.

That won't work with the fingers because the tongue has to waggle in the mouth. So for example, (whistling…). No, it's a no goer.

And that's how to whistle without fingers.