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How To Wii Bowling

How To Wii Bowling

Want to be the best Wii bowler in town? Learning how to utilize your Wii console can be confusing so if you need help playing Wii Sports Wii Bowling just watch this short tutorial which shows a step by step guide on how to play including which buttons and movements to use.

Hey I'm Ross I'm the Nintendo specialist here at Game head office. I'm here today to show you Nintendo Wii Sports Bowling. Ok, so, what you need to do is obviously take your Wii Sports out of your box that came with your Wii console, place the disk in the drive, select Wii sports from the home screen and you will come to this screen here.

Select bowling with the A button and you can obviously play with up to 4 players but I'm just going to play single player today to demonstrate. Choose your Mii character for each person playing, and the game will then load. Once loaded if you press the A button your character will come up and you'll be in a standard 10 frame game.

When you're on the main screen you can move your character and the way you want to position yourself in the alley with left or right on the D pad. You can also change the angle you want to throw at by pressing A and then left or right on the D pad again which will then change the angle of your shot. To actually throw the ball raise the Wii remote as if you were holding a bowling ball hold down the B button which is situated on the back of the controller.

Swing the arm and let go of the B button to throw the ball. You obviously then will have the standard 10 frames two shots each and if playing multi-player you'll take two shots each before moving onto the next person. So I'll just take my second shot here, put a bit of spin on it, and away you go.

Again, wrist movement will actually also get further spin on the ball. So I'll just do a couple more to show you again. Raise the Wii remote in your hand whether your right or left handed pull down the B button on the back of the controller and swing as if you're throwing a bowling ball letting go of the button when you want to release the ball.

Not forgetting if you twist your wrist as you throw it you'll put more spin on the ball as it would do in real life. And that's how you play Wii Bowling on Wii Sports.