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How To Win A Hot Dog Eating Contest

How To Win A Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot dogs are as American as apple pie. So are the competitive eating contests that go along with them. To be a true hot dog-eating winner you need strength, stamina and a bottomless pit. Learn the fine art of being a hot dog-eating champion.

Step 1: Be One With The Hot Dog

Like any general, you must know what you're up against. Study the hot dog and take note of its features. How does the dog bend? How bulky is the bun? Is the meat soft or is it hard? The tiniest nuance will help you understand your food and give you an edge in eating strategy.

Step 2: Fill Your Tank

Make room. Stretch your stomach. Drink a lot of water. It'll fill your stomach and stretch the muscles. Follow up with foods like cabbage and watermelon. They're high in fiber and water. They'll stay in your belly longer, thus stretching those gut muscles to their limit.

Step 3: Method In Your Madness

The greatest competitive eaters have techniques for different foods. Develop one that puts that hot dog down fast and smooth. Some break the dog in half and eat it one at a time. Others eat the hot dog THEN the bun. And just a few are known to use the Cookie Monster Method.

Step 4: Name Brand

Know which brand of hot dog you'll be eating at the contest and stick with that. Texture, ingredients and size vary. You don't want to master the Ball Park hot dog if you're up against the foot long.

Step 5: Time It Out

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest lasts 12 minutes. Practice eating as many hot dogs as you can within that timeframe. Always pay attention to your technique and method as you eat. Track your progress and try to break your previous record.

Step 6: Track 'N Field

A hot dog contest is all about stamina. If you're not in shape, you could hit the wall only a few minutes in. Exercise regularly in between competitions to maximize your body's endurance. That hot dog packs a mean caloric punch.

Step 7: Chew To Win

Your biggest challenge will be with the dreaded "gag" reflex… but you must overcome this. Just like the sword swallower, train your mind to ignore the urge to refund. Hot dog eating contests are not about taste or appetite. They're about control. Ignore the "full" signals from your stomach and shut down your taste buds; you're on a mission.