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How To Win At Armwrestling

How To Win At Armwrestling

Armwrestling is the perfect sport for the pub: it's competitive, easy to learn and a great way of settling scores. In this film, VideoJug learns how to armwrestle with some of the best pullers in the world at the Milton Keynes Armwrestling Federation. Pull!

Like any healthy, red-blooded man, James Lamont loves to arm wrestle. He wants to learn how to go from arm wrestling amateur to technical master. So who better than World Number 3 Steve Kirlew, and the boys at Milton Keynes Armwrestling Federation to show him the techniques for victory?

Step 1: Stance

If possible, stand up for your bout- that's what they do in professional armwrestling competitions.
Put one foot forward- to maintain stability, and spread our weight.

Step 2: The Grip

The grip is very important - try and get as high a grip as possible on your opponent's hand- this is cheeky, but it give you a huge advantage. Now raise your wrist, so your opponent's wrist goes down. This makes them weaker, and you stronger.

Step 3: Pull Towards You

Never try and push your opponents arm straight down- you should be pulling their arm towards you to make the most of your strength, and minimise the risk of injury.

Step 4: The Hook Technique

This technique is great for when you are very strong. Try and extend the opponent's wrist, by rolling your own hand and wrist back towards you. Now pull their arm towards you and down- to victory!

Step 5: The Top Roll

This technique is useful for when you are evenly matched in arm strength, and can give you a subtle advantage. As you take position at the start of the bout, move your elbow forward to make your hand higher than theirs. Now achieve as high a grip as possible on their hand. When the bout starts, roll your hand back towards you, and see how their wrist opens up- this makes them very vulnerable, and increases your chances.