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How To Win At Pokemon Cards

How To Win At Pokemon Cards

How to win a Pokemon card game. Despite the strange appearance of the cards, winning at Pokemon cards is no different from winning at any other card game. You have to know what conditions must be met in order to beat your opponent. This VideoJug film gives a comprehensive description of what you must do to win.

Hi my name is Charles Scott and I am an administrator at Thepikaclub.co.uk.

I've been playing Pokemon for over ten years and yes, I have caught them all. In this video I'm going to show you how to win a Pokemon card game. Now there are actually three conditions you can have in order to win a game.

I've got a game in progress, but only from my side because I can show you all three conditions you need just from that. Okay, so in this game in progress I've got three Pokemon, one active Tilda Match. I've got six prize cards.

Now for every Pokemon of my opponents I knock out I take one of these prize cards. I've knocked one out, knocked two out, three, four, five. When I knock out the sixth and take out the sixth prize card I win the game.

The second condition is if, imagine this is your opponent's bench. If I knock out their active Pokemon the first thing they have got to do is replace it with another Pokemon off of their bench. Knock that out they have to replace it again.

If I knock this Pokemon out and they have nothing on their bench to replace it with, I win the game. The last condition is the deck. Now at the beginning of each turn the first thing you do is draw a card.

If there is no cards to draw from in your deck at the beginning of your turn you lose the game. Now it's interesting to note that its only at the beginning of your turn you will lose. If you run out of cards in the middle of your turn you won't lose the game until you come to draw at the beginning of your next turn.

And that's it, the only three ways you can win or lose a Pokemon card game. .