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How To Win In A Game Of Squash

How To Win In A Game Of Squash

Listen as Bob Jaffe, Director of Coaching at the Dulwich Squash Club in London gives you general tips and high level strategy on how to outplay your opponent and win at squash.

Hi. My name's Bob Jaffe. I'm the Director of Coaching at Dulwich Squash Club in London.

I'm going to talk to you about the equipment you're going to need, the etiquette you're going to use on court, and the sort of shots that you're going to need to play and how you're going to play them. The whole reason you play squash is that you want to win. And one of the key points, when playing, is to make sure that you make less mistakes than your opponent.

Other points to look out for are: Always make sure you get your service in, as it is the one time that you have full control over what is about to happen in the rally, and you can dictate where the ball will be going. Also, try and dominate this position, the T, and a good way to do that is volley as much as you can. Taking the ball early means that you're going to be doing less running than your opponent.

You'll be here, they'll hopefully be running around you. You'll be dominating the T. Also, don't always try and hit with power.

Pace doesn't always win matches. Try and go for accuracy. Hit the ball slightly higher, and not necessarily as hard as you can, aiming for the back corners.

If the ball ends up there, once again, you are in a position where you are able to dominate the center of the court, the T position. Finally, fitness and determination; these are also key parts of your squash armory. No matter how bad things are, you can still turn them around.

If you keep picking up your opponent's shots, eventually, they may start making mistakes, and you can exploit this as they get tired to turn around what looked to be a hopeless situation. No matter how bad things are, keep plugging away.