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How To Wire A Phone Jack

How To Wire A Phone Jack

Learn how to quickly and easily wire a phone jack in your home. Expert electrical DIY tips from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.

Hi there. I'm Chris from Aspect Maintenance, a large electrical company based in the center of London. Today we're just going to have a look through a telephone point, disconnecting it, reconnecting it and then screwing it back up.

Here we have the telephone point a standard BT one way telephone point. Just disconnect it. You usually find your main incoming telephone point is always the first one at the front of the house.

Like this you have a black cable coming in from the road. We've got the white and the orange, two and five, it's always two and five on a connection, we've got the other numbers but don't need to worry about those. It's just a case that they pull out as such.

So take that away, we'd bring in the new telephone point and it would be just a case of bringing it back, remembering that it's two and five and it's the same colors, it's always the white and orange is your incoming line. It's just a case of putting it in like that and using this which is a puncher, you can buy these in any electrical shop, it just goes down and push it twice. There we go, that's one of the cables in.

Push the orange down, again just using the punching tool, two pushes and there you go that's your telephone point. That's your BT incoming point connected. Let's see if they won't come out.

So it's just a case of pushing the cable back in, pushing the point up and re screwing. And that's the basic connections required for an incoming B.T point in any domestic household.