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How To Wire A Thermostat

How To Wire A Thermostat

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to wire a thermostat. Always read and follow the manufacturer's directions. The following video is intended to answer some questions about thermostat configurations out there.

In this video I would like to explain how to wire a simple thermostat. I have already prepared this using a three chord PVC insulated PVC shield cable. This is appropriate for this type of system shouldn't really be wired in flux as it is part of the fixed wiring for a domestic property.

I also over sleeved each chord to denote there polarity because we have a switch line, a neutral and we have a permanent line we also have an earth that would go normally to a back plate for the back of it but for the purpose of this video I am just using a standard metal box. I have also crimped on spade connectors, spade crimps this is a more professional job because actually wrapping them around the screw won't help the connectivity. Quite simply the first thing is to always go for manufacturer instructions on this one it says that we have got one, three and four, so always read the paperwork it comes with, this one is actually attached to the thermostat.

So, going back to the wiring I have already prepared this I have got the correct colours on there and it will come out of the wall or up through a trunking depending on how it's been wired in the house and this one got a small entry here so we take our cables through you can see this and I would take them through and just because they are on spades make it very easy to connect so wire live will go to number one you can see that's the one going to the star of the contact so my live would be brown wire and that's my permanent life coming from the boiler.

So, tight enough but not over tight now my switched life I have chosen the grey cable but I have over sleeved it with brown sleeving because it is a life conductor. This will go back and switch my heat pump when I am calling for heating.

Neutral goes to number four because it says it clearly on my diagram.

Now, all you have to do is make sure that the cables are quite tidy inside there because in this one there is not much room. Obviously that goes over as a bit of basic protection in case this opens at any point.

So, the three chords come from the boiler, the permanent live will go in this instance to number one because that's the start of the circuit, and that's where it switching from.

The number goes to the load and that's why I have used the grey cable and the neutral so that it can heat the resistor up.

Once that's done we cover that up and we screw it down to our back plates like that. The dial has to go on first because it's actually trapped by this but all thermostats are different. Some modern are digital ones only have a battery inside them so they don't need a neutral. Always look at the manufactures instructions before attempting any sort of wiring and if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

And that's the basics of wiring a thermostat.