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How To Wire Pendant Light Fixtures

How To Wire Pendant Light Fixtures

This short, informative video from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance demonstrates how to safely wire a pendant light fixture.

Hi there I'm Chris from Aspect Maintenance. I work for an electrical company in the center of London. Today we're just going to have a brief look at a pendant light and what way you would wire it and connect it and stuff like that.

Here we have the pendant itself. This is how you would buy it, with the pendant connected, the switch side (there's the neutral bar there) the three in the middle being the permanent live. So the way that would work is, you'd obviously have your neutral coming in.

You'd mount your pendant on the roof so the cables would come in the back. Drill a hole for that, put it over, cables would come in the back. Take your neutral straight in to the neutral bar, as such, using 1.

5 cable. Just tighten it up. Just hand tight, not too much.

You then have the switch live that would come in. It will connect into this side. That would be the side that comes into the switch, so when you hit the switch this will become live.

When you turn the switch off it will become dead. And then we have the permanent live, this just loops in and loops out. I'm going to label it with a bit of tape, just so we never get confused.

So we'll always know that that's the permanent live.

Like the rest it will just come in and it will go into there. You have that in most domestic houses. The purpose that serves is if you need to loop onto another light, you'll come out of either the switch side, if you want it to come on at the same time, or if you want it static on you could come out of the permanent live side and onto the next light.

That would allow you to loop lights together. And that's the basic connection of a pendant light.