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How To Wire Wall Sockets

How To Wire Wall Sockets

Learn how to expertly change out a 13-amp double socket with advice from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.

Hi. I'm Chris from Aspect Maintenance, a large electrical company in the city of London. Today we're going to talk about how to connect a 13-amp plug socket in the kitchen.

Before we work on the 13-amp plug socket, we need to check that it's dead. We use a modendale socket that goes in. The lights are dead, so we can tell straight away that the socket is not on, so we can begin work.

Here, we have the box that's already been mounted in the wall. The hole's been cut out the perfect size, and the box is just recessed back in about 10 mm from the wood here. The cables we've got showing are the live, the neutral, and the earth.

We've got a 13-amp plug socket, connections here being live, neutral, and earth. We're going to just connect it up; pretty straightforward, the cables just go in to their colors, as such, they should just pop in like that. Just simply connect it up, just turning it enough to make sure it's tight, but not too tight.

Tighten it up, but again, not too tight. And then, finally the earth cable should just go in there, and tighten it up. Push the double socket back into position.

The screws should go in through and catch the box at the back. As long as you put your box in at the right depth, you should catch these screws. You then use a socket tester.

Turn on the power at the main switch, put it in, press it on, and the lights will show up and tell you it's okay. And that's how you do a 13-amp double socket.