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How To Wire Wrap Jewellery

How To Wire Wrap Jewellery

How To Wire Wrap Jewellery: If you are one of those self-do types who take great pride in making things on their own, then you can very well make use of the tips given in this video to make a wire wrapped jewellery and flaunt it off in the next party you are going.

Hi, I am Jessica from the London Jewellery School, and today I am going to show you how to make some jewellery. I am going to show you how to wire wrap and we're going to be wire wrapping some real lapse. So for this project, you will need chain nosed pliers, round nosed pliers, side cutters, two real lapse which are beads with taut drilled holes, two ear wires and some north .

6 millimeter solder wire. To start with, you can take your north .6 wire and you need quite a long piece depending on how much wire you want to wrap around.

Cut it off with your side cutters, and you need two of those one for each bead. And again, cut with your side cutters. Next, you're going to take your roulette and hoop it through your wire with the short bit on one side and the long bit on the other.

Going to pull the ends up and gently cross them over. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your bead. Next, using your fingers, you are going to wrap the small end around the large one just a couple of times.

Next, using your side cutters, you are going to cut the small end of wire off as close as you can to the middle. And the sharp way that you cut it, you are going to use your chain nosed pliers just to close that end. Next, you are going to make a loop at the top.

Using your round nosed pliers, you take them just above where you have done your wrapping and pull the wire around. Take the wire under the loop and again to wrap. Then you keep going, going with the wire for as long as you want until you are happy with how it looks.

And you may want to cover the top of the roulette. At this stage, you can take the round nosed pliers out and continue moving. Once you are happy with how far down you have gone, at the back you are going to cut the wire with your side cutters.

And the bit that's sticking out, you are going to gently push it with your chain nosed pliers being careful not to damage the bead. So that's your first one. To finish it off, we are going to attach an air hook.

So, just open it up with your round nosed pliers, pop on your wire wrapped. Relax and make sure you completely close those air wires afterwards. There you have one wire wrapped earring.