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How To Wolf Whistle

How To Wolf Whistle

The wolf whistle is a commonly used way of getting someone's attention or showing appreciation for a particularly attractive specimen that's just caught your eye. We're going to show you all the tricks to help you master the wolf whistle.

Step 1: Classic Four Finger Whistle

This is probably the loudest whistle you can humanly achieve on your own. The more air you blow out the louder the whistle. Cover your teeth with your lips and pull them tight so they are no longer visible. Place your index and middle fingers from both hands, part way into your mouth. They should be facing inwards. Draw back your tongue so it hovers flat behind your front teeth. Now blow out sharply.

Step 2: One Handed Energy Saver

Make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger. Make sure there is a small gap at the tips of your fingers where the sir can pass through. Put your fingers to your mouth and close your lips tightly around them, so the air will just pass through the tiny hole. WARNING: your lips should be tight and not loose and floppy. Draw back your tongue in the same way as the classic 4 finger whistle and blow out in the same way.

Step 3: No Hands Required Maestro Whistle

This is for the real pro's. Mastering the no hands required whistle means you can remain anonymous when doing it. No one will catch you hurriedly taking your hands away. Totally innocent. You just turn your head slightly and really show that hottie some appreciation. You will need to extend your bottom jaw and push the corners of your mouth back, your bottom teeth should not be on show. Now pull back your tongue so its level with your lower teeth and make sure it is nice a flat in your mouth. Now its time to blow out. The air should flow around your mouth and you can use your upper lip to direct the air down over your tongue and out. Adjust your mouth to find the best spot where your whistle is loudest. It will probably sound pathetic at first but keep trying and once you get it you will wonder why you could never do it before.

Step 4: Practise

Finally - always try to perfect your whistle before you try it out on the unsuspecting public, as there's nothing worse than trying to get someone's attention and emitting a sound like an asthmatic tortoise.