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How To Work Out Your Obliques On A Decline Bench

How To Work Out Your Obliques On A Decline Bench

1. Sitting at 45 degree angle on bench, knees bent over pad 2. Twist torso so that opposite elbow goes towards opposite knee 3. Twist to the opposite side doing same thing www.fastfitnessvideos.com

Step 1: Leg Work

Here's an exercise for your obliques. We're going to work the side abdominals on the decline bench. Legs hooked in, you're going to bring it back not all the way down. So you're sitting at an angle where your abs are tight the whole time.

Step 2: Arms & The Exercise

Your Arms should be behind your head or across your chest. The next thing to do in this exercise is that you're going to be coming up and twisting to the side. So your elbow's will be going to your opposite knee. Then go back down but not all the way, and then you will repeat the exercise but go to the other side. Then repeat the whole exercise.

Step 3: Repetition & Abs Workout

You need to continually keep those abs tight; that's a good job. Don't forget to breathe during the exercise. this breathing needs to be slow and controlled. The faster you go, the easier it is to cheat, and you don't want to cheat your abs. Good. Breathing. Now do one more each side. Then when you're done, you pull upon this bar and sit up and you're done.