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How To Wrap A Box With A Square End

How To Wrap A Box With A Square End

Arona Khan shows us how to gift wrap a box with a square end. The perfect guidelines to wrapping a present this Christmas. The same technique can be used for birthdays or any other special celebrations.

Step 1: You will need

Step 2: Measure the paper

Ensure that you have secured anything fragile inside your box and turn the box upside down. Measure enough paper to go around the box lengthways. Leave a little extra to create a neat edge.

Step 3: Measure the ends

Measure paper leaving slightly more than half the depth of the box at each end.
Top tip - fold the end of the paper over to create a neat edge.

Step 4: Stick together

Seal the paper around the box with double sided tape leaving an equal amount of paper at each end.

Step 5: Fold the end

At one end of the box, fold the paper down and the sides in. Stick one side down with double sided tape first making sure that the paper lies flat and then tape down the other side. Fold the bottom flap to a point and fold upwards to meet the centre. Seal with double sided tape.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat this at the other end of the box, folding the paper down, the sides and the bottom up. Then secure with tape.

Step 7: Decorate

For an impressive way to decorate your box, watch Video jug's "How to make a bow with assorted ribbons to decorate a gift"