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How To Wrap Flowers

How To Wrap Flowers

Do you have a bunch of beautiful flowers and want to gift warp them yourselves? Then, this video gives you simple instructions to get it done.

Hi, I am Elva from Wrapology. Today I am going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. In this video, I am going show you how to wrap flowers with tissue paper and cellophane.

What we need are two sheets of tissue paper, one sheet of cellophane, ready made fluffy bow and scissors. First, we need to twist these two tissue papers, see we can have four points, and then twist with the cellophane; so the layout is the cellophane and the tissue papers have six corners. Now we place the flowers, facing the cellophane on the top.

When you are choosing the tissue paper, please choose a colorless tissue paper because if the flowers are wet, you don't get the color in your hand. Fold it one side, make it open so you can see the flowers. Fold the bottom tissue paper up and the cellophane.

Do the same on the other side and fold this back. Hold the bottom, get your fluffy bow ready and tie the fluffy bow on the top. This is how you wrap your flowers with tissue paper and cellophane.