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How To Wrap Hands For Boxing

How To Wrap Hands For Boxing

Learn to secure your hands in a boxing glove with hand wrapping tips from Dan Roberts. This will be very useful when you practice boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai.

In boxing or kickboxing or Muay Thai, it is really important to wrap your hands before putting your gloves on. These are the few reasons. First of all, it protects your wrist, makes your wrist stronger, less chances of over-extending or hyper-extending injury or so it keeps your hand intact, away from injury and protects your knuckles during impact, so it does hurt as much.

It is also hygienic to put your hands in your glove with the wrap and after that, you wash it and come back new again and gloves last a bit longer, too. Now, the way you put on your gloves, there are quite a few methods doing it. However, the principles are always the same.

There should be the wrist protected, the knuckles protected and your thumb protected. You got that you can always tell me if I'm wrong. Let me show you how I was taught.

Starting off with the loop and the stitching, it's going to be inside. This is important because when you finish off, it finishes off nicely a few times around and my wrist. Quite softly, I'm not going to be really tight from my fingers feeling tingly, it's too tight.

It should be soft. Then around my knuckles, 3, 4, 5 that's how long it wraps up so I'll go around the back, front of the thumb, now I go through my fingers. It doesn't have to be this, but it gives protection to the knuckles and when you're having that back hard, you would like it for protection.

I'm going to start on my little finger closed and closed toward my thumb, next finger and then, the free gap. Good. Then just to make sure it doesn't fall off, I'm going to do one time around between the thumb and the finger and keep it nice and closed and tight.

And then to the left, we'll finish off basically, if my wrist is a bit like weak, my knuckles get hurt quite easily having more on my knuckles. I'm going to go more around my wrist that it's quite small and delicate. I'm finishing off quite tight right now.

You finish up tight and when you are secure, you really begin on quite soft beginning and end up tight and it's not going too loose in the last couple of faults. Put it tight in quite the end. Now, my hands are wrapped ready to put in the glove.

Another benefit is my hands are bigger now, so my glove kind of feels more secure and my hand doesn't rattle around. Ready to go. That's my tips on how to wrap hands in boxing. .