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How To Wrap Very Small Items

How To Wrap Very Small Items

How to Gift Wrap Small Items: A clever method for neatly gift wrapping small items such as lipsticks or earrings. Using only wrapping paper, tape, and scissors, you can wrap small items with this fun and fast technique.

Hi, I'm Elva from Wrapology. Today I'm going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. In this video, I'm going to show you how to wrap really small gifts like lipstick, necklace, or a pair of earrings.

What you need is double sided tape, a pair of scissors, and some embellishment. Get ready of your piece of paper and double sided tape, fold to one-quarter, fold the back. Peel the double side off, good.

Fold a little bit here, cut off the triangle just off the folding line. Double side tape, close the back, and then put your item inside. And, so this is the technique.

We have to fold opposite from the way you creased at the bottom, and then we fold it. Cut off triangles and inside piece. Double side tape, close the box.

Tidy it up, and put on your little embellishment. This is how to wrap a really small item.