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How To Write A Horror Story

How To Write A Horror Story

This video explains how to write a successful horror story by keeping your reader gripped and always wanting to know what's in store for the characters.

I think the great difficulty, nowadays, writing the horror story is that the ante has been upped so much in films now that it's really difficult to think of anything that's scary or horrible enough. And that presents quite a challenge because if you don't provide something scary or horrific, your story can fall down and be comic. You want to set up, right from the beginning, in your story that something horrible is going to happen.

There's no point in lulling your reader into a false sense of security. You've got to set up right away that something sinister is lurking. It could be waking up from a bad dream.

It's also important that you hint a lot. If you give people full on horror, it's not horror at all, it's just a gore fest and that's not something you want to do. Sometimes, the most horrific things are things that aren't seen.

It's important, therefore, that you think of how to disguise the horror until you get to the climax of your story. You want to hint at things until you get to the end. You want to think about having a mixture of suspense and surprise.

If there's too much suspense, they'll skip to the end. It's important to build up a feeling that there's something around the corner. Remember to hint and create suspense.

Description is really helpful in a horror story if you put it in the right place. That's how to write a horror story. .