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How To Write A Motivational Speech

How To Write A Motivational Speech

Professional speechwriter Richard Heller speaks about the rules of writing a compelling motivational speech.

The golden rule for any motivational speech is to be totally focused on the response you want from your audience. Everything you say at the intellectual level, at the emotional level, has got to be directed at getting that response and nothing else. Every fact you use, every argument you use, every emotional passage that you use has got to take the audience to one place and one place only.

Even in a short speech, you have the chance to use a range of emotions with your audience. You can make them laugh or cry. You can make them love or hate.

You can make them proud or humble. But at the end of all the emotional passages you put in your speech, you're going to leave them in one place only: the place you want them to be. That entails building your speech towards a climax.

It means that you start slowly so that you can get faster. It means that you start softly so you can get louder. It means that you start with low-key emotions, possibly even facts with no emotion attached to them at all, and then build to strong emotions.

You must leave yourself some place to go in a motivational speech from start to finish. The finish is going to be the powerful emotion that takes your audience to the place you want them to be. Above all, in a motivational speech, you must write what you believe. If you don't believe your motivational speech, why the hell should anyone else believe it? .