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How To Write A Scary Story

How To Write A Scary Story

Make your reader cringe, squeal, and leave them guessing and begging to know what the scary thing is after you've used these helpful tips on writing a scary story.

Before you begin to write a scary story, it's important to think about the things that people are afraid of. There are a certain things that an awful lot of people are afraid of. If you think about those things, why are they scary? They're scary because they could harm you or they could send you mad and those are the two great fears that you want to convey in scary story.

Other things that are frightening are things that are in the wrong place. If you think about a Tyrannosaurus in the jungle in Jurassic Park, it's not nearly as scary as that same Tyrannosaurus when he's peering in through your bedroom window or when he's blundering around the kitchen. He's scary then because he's in the wrong place.

We don't like things that are in the wrong place. Things that are too big, things that are too small, things that look like they ought to be something, but they're not quite - they're something slightly different - are very scary. Also remember when you're writing something scary, you want to engage your reader's imagination.

You don't want to give them everything straight. You want to tempt them and tantalize them. One of the scariest things I've ever seen, I've never even seen the thing that was scary.

I just heard the sound, and it was that sound that worked a way in my imagination and made me think, what is it that's making that sound? It's very important to keep up suspense in a scary story and you do that by holding things back. Don't give the reader the full scary thing right at the beginning of the story. Keep tormenting them with it.

Keep it back until the end. .