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How To Write Italic Calligraphy

How To Write Italic Calligraphy

This video is about the art of calligraphy. Learn how to write beautiful italic calligraphy which is useful in letterings that you might be tasked to do.

Hi, I'm Vakob from Calico Studio in London. How to write italic calligraphy. In the first, we need to choose the style of what we'd like to learn.

From calligraphic hand, an italic hand is very common. You can find many different books which are written in the beautiful italic hand. In here, I have a type of calligraphy from a book.

And here, I have in the different pages with italic hand with all these letter forms and so on. How do we start to do it? First, if you can take a photograph of it from your chosen style like what I have done here, take a transparent paper, put through and learn how the script is done. In this case, I will use a pencil and I will just write over with pencil the style to see how a letter form is made, how we're going to use a letter form.

Italic hand is very often done in one line, all letters, which means you don't need necessarily to make your pen off when you're doing a letter form. Try to work out how the letter form is made, take your time and go through first with pencil. Maybe when you have went through in the three first lines with pencil and you already know it, how to make letter forms, you can take the pen and ink and try to do the same with pen and ink.

Try to look for a pen which is similar to the size of what copy you would do. This is what I have done earlier. We're going to see my first three lines there has been done with pencil, and my last three lines were done with ink and pen.

Now, I understand more how italic hand was made, and now what I'm going to do, the next step is understand the sequence of letter forms. Italic hand is based with letter forms which has branch. It's a little bit slanted, roughly maybe 5-degree and branch is very simple, up and down, up and down line combination.

If I want to change this up and down line combination just a tiny bit to curve, I start to go straight away the letter N. And I don't need to curve much, and my letters right away will become more and more curvy, the same way if I will do the lines up and down, up and down and start to curve back. Italic hand is a branch that is growing out of line, it's rough in the halfway.

When you start with pencil, take your time, learn letter forms correctly. Now, I have went through all letters. I have tried to put the letter form branch halfway, tried to use nice and tight curve when it's going up.

I understand letter forms, how to make letter forms, I know when letter form will look good or when it's bad. Don't write very quickly, take the time. After when you have went through with pencil, from letter form, try to do some words keeping the same distance like the letters.