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How To Write Modern Calligraphy

How To Write Modern Calligraphy

This video gets your attention into writing beautiful calligraphy as shown by a calligrapher here. Modern calligraphy is a stunning lettering especially adding a little gold or white to a dark or black background.

How to write modern calligraphy. This is an absolute can of worms. What we need to do is we need to decide what is absolute modern calligraphy because technically, calligraphy is about historical writing.

So when some people think of modern calligraphy, they think of using calligraphy to imitate a type face and if that's the case, then modern calligraphy essentially looks like this. I am going to use something called wasting or emphasis which is where you apply pressure to the nib usually to write a letter, but I am going to apply pressure and spread it, then release and apply pressure again. Don't actually press it too hard because you can actually damage the nib and then we'll do it again.

So let's go through this again but slightly smaller. There you go. That really helps you to see how wasting happens.

So you can see how the line sways. Now, the other thing you can use for modern calligraphy is instead of using a lead and stroke, you just jiggle the pen and so that's modern looking. Now, modern looking is very different to modern calligraphy because for modern calligraphy, we need to treat our calligraphic tools in a different way.

So I need to make a well so it will stop the ink from going everywhere. I am going to take some traditional tools, this is an automatic pen and I will show you that it is actually traditional because you can actually write a nice cordratta. So, this is a cordratta S and we will treat the tool in a modern way.

So let's say were going to write an R, so instead of starting at the top, we are going to go from the bottom. Now we're also rolling on the side of the nib to give us a different direction or movement. So, that's a modern letter form.

Now, let's really play with this. These are called ruling pens and you find this in a geometry set. Now, don't ask anybody who is under 20 what this is because they will never be able to tell you.

So these, you find in all geometry sets and the blades move and as you can see, they increase in size and they are originally used to rule lines and even thickness. What calligraphers started doing in the forties and fifties was using the sides, now they create this wonderful splashing and of course, there are myriads of variations on how these tools are developed. So, this is a wider version of it and it also creates quite a lot of mess.

Now the surface that you're writing on can seriously affect how much ink is deposited, it can also affect how much skipping there is. I'm going to open the plan just a little bit more to try to get it to do some sort. Now that we've done that nice modern letter, let's take a blank piece of paper and really start playing.

I'm going to do the letter K, I'm going to add a little bit more ink there, see why the wall is so important? And you can add a little thin stroke to this to help balance it a little bit more. So, that's a modern letter. Now, these are homemade ruling pens and I am going to keep the thing vertical.

The wonderful thing about these pens is we have is amazing contrast between thick lines and thin lines. So I've rolled from the flat edge up to the point and this is L, M, N, so we have a ton of saw toothing there and I'm going to put a little flourish on the back of the L to weigh it up and add a little. There we have modern calligraphy.

Now, you can drop color into this. We have some gold made up. While the ink is wet so that it bleeds, it's probably best to use silver with white rather than gold.

Try not to mix the colors up. That is how to do modern calligraphy. Have some fun. .