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How To Write With A Fountain Pen

How To Write With A Fountain Pen

In this video, professional calligraphy artist, Paul Antonio explains and shows viewers how to write with a fountain pen to create stylistic works of calligraphy.

How to write with a fountain pen. These are a few of the fountain pens provided by the Manuscript Pen Company. They come with varying sizes but they also come with different types of nibs.

Some of the nibs have an oblique cut to them and some of them have a straight cut across the top. So, do be careful when you're choosing a pen of what it actually looks like. Now, there are many ways to write with a fountain pen, you can decide are you going to use a fountain pen for handwriting or are you going to use it for traditional calligraphy.

Are you going to use it for quick informal writing or really formal structured lettering? So what I'll do is I'll do some really quick handwriting treating the fountain pen as a fountain pen for everyday use and then I'll also do some very formal calligraphy again treating it as a formal calligraphic tool. But honestly, if you want to do formal calligraphy, a dip pen is the best way to go. This fountain pen has a cartridge screwed into it.

You can write without the lid if you have small hands. I write with the lid on because it helps to balance the pen. Again, using my writing pad, you can just play with the pen to start with.

Let's just test it to see what it's going to do, if it does anything. So that's the size of the nib. Again, don't press too hard.

These are the same size but we can take a bigger one and I'm just dipping them. This is using a converted pull beam up into the barrel, treating it like handwriting practicing some small exercises, to get the ink flowing. Then if you really want to practice, draw some lines to help confine your writing.

Make sure you stay between the lines. If you want some freer writing, you could probably work on one line and try to make the letters the same size if that's your aim or you could just use it as a guide. And that's how to write with a fountain pen. .