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How To Zumba

How To Zumba

Here are some basic steps to zumba dance fitness. It's a cardio workout that you are going to sweat and enjoy. Watch and learn how to zumba.

So, I'm here to teach you how to zumba. Let's start with the lovely reggae time step. We're going to take a step to the side with our left leg, taking our left arm up to the side at the same time.

So, slide, bring your left foot in with a little hop. We're going to go back and do the same with the right leg. And right on to the right, in.

So, we're going left, right, left, right. Now, this is a cardio workout. So, it's all about energy maximising the movements.

So, that is our reggae step move. We're going to have a look at meringue step now. Meringue step is 4 little steps to the side.

Right hand on hip, left hand out in front of you, one, two, three, four, back the other way, one, two, three, four. Notice the hip action here. That's maximising.

Now, the last one we're going to look at is the cumbia basic step. What we're going to do, starting with our right leg, right on left, going to take our right leg forward, bring it back. Right leg forward, bring it back, right leg forward, bring it back, nice twisting action from the waist.

Change leg, left leg forward, bring it back. Left leg forward, bring it back. Forward.

Back. So, let's put it all together. So, that's how to zumba. .