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Incredibly Safe Car Journeys

Incredibly Safe Car Journeys

Here's how to uphold the laws of the road, so your kids grow up to be super heroes, not super-villains….

Step 1: Before You Set Off

Before hitting the road check the child door locks are set, so the kids can't accidentally, or deliberately, open the doors when you are driving.
Make sure you're always wearing your seatbelt, even if it's a very short trip. Make sure the kids are belted up too, or you could end up getting a fine.
Make sure they never distract the driver – they need to learn early on that a car is a dangerous weapon, and that distracting you in any way could cause all sorts of trouble. Give them something that will challenge them- like a puzzle, book or video game. Maybe even give them something to eat – that'll keep them quiet.

Step 2: En Route

Whatever the emergency, don't speed and don't talk on your mobile phone – even hand's free – that's still distracting. Not only are you risking everyone's life, but you're supposed to be setting a good example. And your superdad status will fade pretty quickly if you get pulled over by the police...
Be considerate to other road users – don't get pent up or lose your temper if someone cuts you up. Your child is watching you, so super human levels of calmness and restraint are required at all times.
If it's a long journey, plan ahead so you can take a 15 minute break every couple of hours and stretch your legs; it'll benefit you and your kids to take these regular breaks, so they can get rid of their excess super energy.

Step 3: On Arrival

When you arrive, ensure your kids leave their seatbelts on until you have parked and turned the engine off. And make sure they get out on the pavement side, so they're not opening the door into a potentially-dangerous lane of traffic.
All in all, drive sensibly – just like you did back on the day you passed your test. Stay alert, and be mindful of everything around you.