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Introduction To Bricklaying Tools

Introduction To Bricklaying Tools

Professional bricklayer explains what tools are necessary for the trade and the purpose of each tool.

Hi, my name's Mark and I'm a lecturer from South Thames College. Today I'm going to give you some information and helpful tips in bricklaying. In this video I'm going to explain the basic tools to use in bricklaying.

We start off with the brick trowel.

This is used to; spread and roll the mortar, spread it on your wall, key the bed joint and to butter your bricks. And then we have a spirit level. This would be used to level your bricks and also plumb your wall to make sure that's going straight up and there's no bending either way.

We would use a gauge rod, which is a piece of timber marked out with 75 millimetre gaps. This is to gauge a brick work to regulate your bed joints to make sure that your wall is going up nice and regular and your bed joints are regulated. We would also use a jointing bar, this is to create a nice joint finish on the finished product and to give it a nice look and to make sure your joints are full.

And we would also use a tape measure, this could be used instead of a gauge rod or could be used to measure out the length of your wall or how many bricks you would be using.

Finally we'll be using a soft broom or brush. This is to brush the brickwork after jointing, just to get rid of any rough edges or any bits of mortar still lying on your wall.

And these are the basic bricklaying tools used in the trade.