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James Bond Nightvision SunGlasses

James Bond Nightvision SunGlasses

Build sunglasses that help you see in the dark, spot hidden security cams,avoid getting your face on security cameras....this fun build is really cheap as low as $20.

Step 1: Night Vision Sunglasses

In this video you will learn how to make a pair of high tech night vision sunglasses. You will first need a pair of 100% clear sunglasses with nothing but UV protection.

Step 2: Theatrical Photo Gels

Then two sheets of theatrical photo gels, one congo blue and one primary red. Using the glasses as a template, outline the lens shape and gently cut out one pair of each gel. Secure the red gels first using glue. Then apply blue gels over the red ones.

Step 3: Connect LED's

Now you are going to need 8 high intensity infrared LEDs. Sodder two pairs of three LEDs each in a series. Glue the LEDs on both sides of the frame. Cut the wires around 5 centimeters from the LEDs. Secure with electrical tape and using one three volt button cell battery on each side.

Step 4: Complete The Circuit

Complete the circuit leaving the plus wire on both sides not connected to the battery. You can later just slip it under the electrical tape and start the LEDs. Now you can see in the dark without others seeing you see them, as the gel allows you to view the infrared light generated by the LEDs invisible to others.