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Jeans That Fit: Apple Shape

Jeans That Fit: Apple Shape

The right pair of jeans can bring out the best in any woman's figure. But finding jeans that fit, let alone flatter, can be tough. Here's how to give an apple shape some extra polish.

Step 1: Cut

The apple-shaped body type carries weight in the chest and stomach, and often has slim arms and legs. To balance out this shape, choose a jean with a low waist to lengthen the torso. A straight leg or wide, fluid pant is the look for your shape.

Step 2: Color

You're lucky in that you can try lighter or colored jeans with a darker shirt to try to balance your top and bottom halves.

Step 3: Fit

If you're getting some "muffin top" with a low rise jean, try a higher waisted jean, but pair it with a long top to lengthen your torso back down.

Some brands make jeans with slim legs that are wider in the waist: Try J Brand or Page.

Step 4: Style

Look for jeans with long pockets, or pockets placed lower than usual. Also look for some darting in the back for shape.