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Job Interviews: Why Don't You Tell Me About Yourself?

Job Interviews: Why Don't You Tell Me About Yourself?

VideoJug presents a short series of films on how to navigate those scary interview questions. With Rikke Hansen's help, from Career Concierge, we help you answer such questions as 'Why don't you tell me about yourself?' confidently and well.

Step 1: What They Are Really Asking

Here the interviewer is asking you to present yourself in the best possible light, to give them your selling points for this particular role.

Step 2: What They Don't Want To Hear

The do not want to hear about your life outside of work or what you do outside of work.

Step 3: What They Do Want To Hear

They want to know that you have read through the job description and that you know what they are looking for. Tell them about yourself in a professional context. Think of yourself as a product, explain why people should buy you - don't just tell, sell.

Step 4: Good Luck!