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Job Interviews: Why Should We Hire You?

Job Interviews: Why Should We Hire You?

Sometimes in a job interview, it all comes down to one question, 'Why should we hire you?' Rikke Hensen of Career Concierge and VideoJug have combined forces to help you answer it, and get the job of your dreams.

Step 1: What They Are Really Asking

What the interview really wants to know is why they should hire you instead of someone else they are interviewing. They want to know that if they gave you the job, what would you be able to do for them. Look at the job description and know what they would require when you start working for them.

Step 2: What They Don't Want To Hear

They don't want to hear what you want to get out of this, that you really need a job and that they should hire you because you are really good at your job.

Step 3: What They Do Want To Hear

They want you to sell yourself to them. Be very specific about what is in it for them, and if they gave you this job, what would they get out of it. Focus on examples of the things they are really looking for, how you've done it already and how you can do it again for them.

Step 4: Good Luck!