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Junior Tennis: Selecting A Racket For Your Child

Junior Tennis: Selecting A Racket For Your Child

Spanish tennis coach and world class player Frances Ribeiro shows VideoJug users some great information and tips on how to select a tennis racket for your child. Follow these simple rules, and your child will soon have the perfect racket to start playing junior tennis with.

Step 1: Racket length

It's important to choose a racket that's not too long and not too short for your child.

One way to test this is to ask the child to hold the racket. The racket head should just touch the floor when his arm is straight.

Step 2: The grip

The size of the grip needs to be right for little hands.

When your child holds the racket handle, there should just be room for you to fit your little finger between his thumb and fingers.

When a racket's grip is too big for your child you will see there is space around your little finger as he holds it.

Step 3: The weight

You'll be able to see if your child's racket is too heavy, as they won't be able to hold it.

The right weight is something they feel comfortable with when their arm is extended.

So the right racket for your child is just long enough to touch the floor when his arm is straight, has a grip that doesn't leave space around your little finger, and is light enough that he can hold onto it!

These simple pointers will soon have your little one playing a winning game.