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Knives, Axes, And Saws To Take To The Wilds

Knives, Axes, And Saws To Take To The Wilds

Knives, axes, and saws are a bushcrafter's best friend. Simon Ellar guides us through the best cutting and chopping implements to take with you when camping, or exploring the wilds.

Step 1: Knives

Your knife should have a full tang, meaning the steel extends throughout the handle.

Try to find a knife that comes with a fire steel. The high carbon frost knife is a bushcrafter's favourite.

Wear your knife on your belt or around your neck so that it is always available.

Step 2: Axes

When choosing an axe, remember a pocket hatchet is ideal for camp craft, a wildlife hatchet for chopping wood, and splitting hatchet is good for heavier work.

Step 3: Saws

The bushcrafter's saw of choice is the Bacho laplander folding saw. This is perfect for cutting live and dead wood, and also for shelter building.