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Learn How To Do A Backflip

Learn How To Do A Backflip

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to make a back flip. All without having to step foot in a gym or have a spotter to assist you. This video shows you the exact steps and detailed system to help you learn how to do a back flip.

Hi guys. My name is James McGranaghan and I am the Managing Director of J'amies Gymnastics Academy. Our leading branch is based here in Peckham, South East London.

Today I am going to take you through a variety of videos all based around sport of gymnastics so, I hope you will enjoy them.

Hi guys, today I am going to teach you how to learn to do a back flip. OK, for this I am going to be using Lian here today and there are three main stages to think about before we get on actually doing the actual back flip move itself.

The reason we do this is to obviously get the gymnasts to work how their arms are going to swinging to the move. You always start your first move with your arms. Lian before she actually doesn't move, she is going to swing her arms down and come pass to knees don't backup to pass her head and she is going to land flat back on to the mat with her hips in the air.

OK, stage two of the back flip preparation would be on the floor where the crash mat is the reason we use a crash mat is to make the gymnast work a little bit harder and be give the coach a little bit leverage to get them into the right position. In majority of a back flip movement parts of handstand shape so, obviously what we looking to do here is to do the same preparation as in stage one but make the gymnast finish into a handstand position. So, Lian can to put your arms the way it is and swing her arms down in handstand and she comes down nice and easy.

Stage three I am going to use a roller coaster, now the reason I am going to use it, is because one of the most important parts of the back flip is the second part of the flip getting from your hands back to your feet the reason is so crucial is because if the second part isn't right you are not going to be out to some assort or do any skills out of it. So, what we are going to do Lian in a second is going to kick to handstands and the idea is she needs to bring her feet down as faster she can to the floor while lifting her chest to stand back on to her feet. So, Lian if you like to keep to handstand for me so she kicks up nice and tighten into the handstand shape when she is ready, she brings her feet down and she snaps down to her feet.

OK, so stage four is actually going to be the whole thing put together. So, in the step on that she can support Lain for full back flip. So, in the first three stages to be started of how to start the flip, how to go into the handstand and how to do the final part of the back flip now we are going to put it all together.

So, Lian is going to stretch up swing her arm down by pass through the hand stand to the snap and made your back flip.

Obviously, it seems to be performing in a controlled environment which obviously with the controlled coach and top of that obviously not to be done at home. But obviously, when the coach feels that your gymnast is ready to do on your own then the final product will hopefully look something like this.

Thank you guys and that is how to learn to do a back flip.