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Love Spells: Heal A Broken Heart

Love Spells: Heal A Broken Heart

Its not always easy to get over the break up of a relationship, and no amount of counselling or help from friends can guarantee to make you feel better about things. So why not try to affect some changes in your state of mind with some Wiccan magic. You don't need to have any previous experience of spell making, just watch our guide to healing your broken heart.

Step 1: Set Up The Altar

Before beginning this spell you will need to set up an altar, on which you should place 4 objects that represent the elements. For example, to represent earth you could use a piece of wood or a plant; for Air, you can use incense or a feather; for Fire you can use a candle and for Water simply use some water in a small container.
You can add optional extras to the altar that represent your intention. For this spell it might be useful to have some rose quartz, if you have any, as this is a healing crystal, and seven cloves; Seven because its a magic number and cloves because they have healing properties.

Step 2: Invite The Elements

Next you will need to call down on the four elements, so that you have them on your side as you perform the spell. To do this simply place your hands over each element in turn and recite -
"Element of the Earth, I ask you to join me"
"Element of Air, I ask you to join me"
"Element of Fire, I ask you to join me"
"Element of Water, I ask you to join me"

Step 3: Create A Sacred Space

To create a sacred space you can use your voice or a drum but its just as easy to bang on household items such as a saucepans. Once you stop making a noise you'll notice the quietness that surrounds you. This is your sacred space; imagine yourself as being inside a cone of silence ready to conduct your spell making.

Step 4: The Spell

Spells can be written down, spoken out loud or performed. For the first part of this spell you need to write down the name of your ex and your own name on a piece of paper, and then to draw a line between the two names. Take a pair of scissors and start to cut the paper in half along the line you have drawn. Whilst you are doing this you need to say out loud an incantation three times. An incantation is a spell in spoken form and its better to make your own words up, something with meaning and resonance to you.
For example -

"I cut all ties to you, and as I set you free, so it is for me"

Once you have cut the paper in two, set your name down on the altar, and keep hold of your ex's name.

Now take a saucepan and place another lit candle in it for you to burn the piece of paper with the name of your ex on it. You may wish to repeat another incantation three times to help focus your mind on generosity and not revenge.

For example -

"I release thoughts that bind with love and grace, so joy and ease can take their place."

Once the paper is turned to ash, take some rosewater and sprinkle it on your name as it sits on the altar. Anoint your wrists and forehead with the rosewater and then sit quietly, holding your rose quartz if you have some. Try to imagine your heart being soothed and bathed in pink light.

Sit for as long as you want and then clear away quietly. The only special rule to observe is to put out all candles either by pinching the wick or snuffing them out with a candle as blowing them out will blow away your intentions!