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Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph Drainage Massage

VideoJug users MassageNerd.Com gives an in-depth and professional guide to carrying out a Lymph Drainage Massage. From the basics, to the more advanced techniques, you too can carry out a great Lymph Drainage Massage with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: The Technique

Lymphatic drainage is a really light technique. It is like one 4 ounces of pressure. That's all you use. So basically get a nickel and put it on your finger and that's how much pressure you are actually using now.

Step 2: Directions

The directions for the lymphatic drainage is basically from the navel to here and here. So everything here goes to the adrenal area, everything here goes to the adrenal area here. Everything up here goes to the axilliary here, here goes to the axilliary region up here then.

Step 3: Stimulating The Points

Sometimes people believe to actually help stimulate those points first so what you are actually doing is just kind of stimulating the lymph nodes in those regions because more likely those are deeper lymph's nodes, and most lymph nodes are actually really superficial, right underneath the skin, so that's why you use such light pressure.

But the major deep areas is actually the thorasic region and actually the abdominal region but you can actually do this like 140 to 160 times a minute. That's how fast you are going. You so you actually speed up really fast. You don't have to have a lot of pressure kind of thing but just to stimulate those areas too.

Step 4: Working Away

What's confusing about lymphatic drainage is you are actually working away but you are pushing it towards.

So the thing is or if somebody has volume in the arm, you start here, here but you are always pushing it towards that way all the time.

So the basic technique I am going to show you on the stomach. What you are doing is up, angled, and back with no pressure so it is like a wave. So three times is basically what you are doing. You are just working away each time like that.

Step 5: Stretching In The Draining

Other ones people incorporate is kind of more of a rhythmic pressure, kind of a rhythmic pushing. But again with a light pressure as much as you can.

People also believe stretching actually helps the lymph system, immune system, so you can incorporate some stretching with that.

You can actually put a pillow or something underneath the legs or the arms, whatever is swollen, just to help with the draining. And you can actually have them just hold their arm up and just lightly. Sometimes this gives them Goosebumps so if they start chuckling that is why.

So just incorporate those kind of things in there.

Step 6: Other Techniques

Then right in the interior elbow you can actually do like a thumb screw effect. So any joint regions, so there and the wrist, just work in those areas, so again you are going to be working towards but you are going away each time, though, so you can do a little bit in each area.

Otherwise, some people use a little oil and you can actually do a little glide with it too, those kind of techniques. Even with swelling with a finger, go like this, three times pull it out, three times, three times each time.

Step 7: Working With A Doctor

So the thing is if there is an infection going on and, of course, no lymphatic drainage, and somebody has long term edema, you might want to ask permission from the doctor. Especially kidney edema.

When you push it in, lift it up and if it is still indented, you might not want to but getting permission from the doctor would be appropriate.

Step 8: Face And Neck Lymph Drainage

So clavicle region, this is the area you want to do drainage, too, here you are pushing down to this region, so out,and you push it down.

So the thing is also for the face, it is kind of sectioned off so everything is kind of going downwards so the thing is out. Again with the technique, one, pause, two, pause, three pause. Also, you can also kind of push it too like this.

You can also use your fingertips here, here, here where you tr