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Make-Up Tips: Bright Eyes

Make-Up Tips: Bright Eyes

Celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler shows you how to brighten tired eyes to bring them back to their sparkly best.

Step 1: Prepare

Firstly, reduce any redness and even out the skin tone around the eyes by applying light reflecting concealer on top of the eyelids and under the eyes.

Set the concealer by brushing translucent powder over the eye area.

Step 2: Eyeshadow & eyeliner

Use a smoky grey eyeshadow and apply it as an eye liner with a thin brush along the roots of the upper lashes. Use the same colour under the lower lashes to cover up any pink or sore looking skin.

For extra emphasis, take an eyeliner pencil in the same colour and go over the line you have just drawn along the lower lashes.

Next, use a small, flat tipped brush to smudge the eye liner for a soft, sultry look.

Choose an eyeshadow colour which will help to brighten your eyes, such as lilac, which suits all skin tones. Peach is a flattering colour for pale skins and gold will look good if you have a darker olive skin.

Dab the colour onto the middle of each eyelid with an eyeshadow brush or your finger. Dab a little extra shimmer into the inner corners of each eye and under the eyebrows along the brow bone to catch the light.

Step 3: Eyebrows

Neaten your eyebrows by brushing them and filling in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil as close to your natural hair colour as possible.

To make your eyes look whiter, run a white eyeliner pencil along the inner rims of your lower eyelids.

Step 4: Mascara

Finally, curl your eyelashes to really open up the eyes, making sure you get as close to the roots as possible. And finish the look with black mascara, working the wand from the roots to the tips of the upper lashes.

Step 5: Extra

If you still think your eyes are looking a little tired or sore, a few soothing eye drops in each eye will give them sparkle.