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Make Your Own James Bond License Plates

Make Your Own James Bond License Plates

Learn how to make stealth license plates James Bond Style. WARNING THIS MAY BE ILLEGAL IN YOUR COUNTRY or STATE , for educational purposes only

Step 1: Speeding Scenario

Speeding tickets are a pain in the neck. Maybe you are rushing to the hospital to visit Uncle Fester or you just need to get Skippy to the vet. I'll show you how to speed and not spend.

Step 2: Headlight Lamps

You'll need three headlight lamps with high intensity LEDs that blink. Remove the battery cover off the first one and unscrew the case. Inside, you will find the circuit board with five LEDs. Unsodder the LEDs one by one. You should end up with a clean circuit board.

Step 3: High Intensity LED's

Now you will need five high intensity IR or infrared LEDs. Sodder the new LEDs on the circuit board making sure you get the terminals right. Put the case back together and do the same with all three headlamps.

Step 4: Stick To Your License Plate

Now go to your license plate and stick them around it using the Neodymium magnets on the back of the lamps. When turned on, your license plate should look like this to a traffic camera.

Step 5: The Test: Speeding

Now let's test this on this Toyota Celica at 100 mph. That's 30 feet away. That's 200 feet away and that's 250 feet away. The best part is, it looks normal to the human eye.